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Yes, I'm alive

Hey all!

First off, I know I haven't updated in... well... a long time. The big news is that I have moved to another big city and am in graduate school. The other big news is that I am the content director for http://ani.me , and we would love to have you check out the site sometime. I'd especially welcome more doujinshi goodness.

I'm not doing as much buying for people with the economy being what it is, although we still do have a buyer overseas in Tokyo who just got back there after all of that horrifying quake business. As always you can reach me here or look me up at ani.me.

I hope all of you are well and that things are going good for you.

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Intermixi and Tokyogetter party: May 8th in LA!

Dig the full page here: http://www.intermixi.com/w/?p=1065

Intermixi Japan Tours proudly presents Super Happy Tokyo Love, a striking and vibrant celebration where eccentric Japanese and LA themes will come together for one crazy night at one crazy event!

In keeping with our J-roots, Super Happy Tokyo Love will be hosted at none other than the Royal-T Café. With vibrant décor and a stunning fusion of sensuous and the outrageous, this location gives you an eclectic mix of food, drinks and contemporary art juxtaposed against the pulsing and lively environment of LA's first Japanese-style cosplay café. And the cost? Well, if you can find a better evening for 5 dollars that ISN'T a Fugazi show, then you let me know.

Super Happy Tokyo Love will also feature live music, signings, cosplay, magic, and robotics. That's right. ROBOTS. Beat THAT one, you stuffy art gallery types! Mechaps will be displaying the foot section of their 20 foot tell military mecha. WE HAVE MILITARY ROBOTS! And cosplay is most certainly encouraged! Especially near the robot!

The Main Attractions:


We will be featuring some fine guests as part of our brain-melting, face-slaying, life-affirming, and epoch-changing party. Voice actors Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann) and Tara Platt (Naruto, Gundam Unicorn, Bleach) will be present to cavort amongst us and sign copies of their book Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It's Like Behind the Mic. Both of these walking charm factories will make your evening, no doubt. The event will also feature magician and entertainer TommEE Pickles, doing us a solid and wowing the crowd with the kind of skills that would have gotten you burned at the stake a few hundred years ago.

Win Aka's stuff

As you may or may not know, Intermixi's own red-dreaded one Akasan is TRIUMPHANTLY packing up and leaving his home of Culver City for a little town calledTokyo. And since his space will be limited to a simple (king-sized) bed and marble and diamond-encrusted bathroom, we are giving you the opportunity to win all of his lovely possessions! Why not take a trophy home from the king? It's like getting Patton's Ivory-handled pistols, or Shatner's toupee! Items being raffled off include: a flat screen HDTV, a 5 speaker surround sound system, rare anime collectibles, manga and anime posters, wall scrolls, and much more.

(Note: Aka-san's Lamborghini Diablo with flux capacitor and talking computer will go into storage.)

Artist Gallery

Artists from all over the world will be showing off some "Super Happy Tokyo Love" and showcasing their Japan-themed artwork in our artist gallery. This is great opportunity for you to pick up artwork by the next generation of Rembrandts, Michaelangelos, Tezukas, and Paul Stanleys.

Featured artists: Pinguino, Sasha, Aunjuli, Phil Machi, Carrie Hannegan, Brick Mickasso, Thiefo, Lauren Perry, Chris Moreno, Erica Schmidbauer, Tony Fleecs, Bleed So Pretty, Stephanie Sheh, and more! If you'd like to sell your piece, don't hesitate to contact us. It's a blow-out, not a funeral!

Turtle Rampage

Witness old-school “Turtle Power”! We are letting our amphibian fiends rage across a miniature mock up of Tokyo in a sluggish race to be number one! Bonus prizes will be available for those willing to stand behind their turtle! Think you got a beast that can do some damage? Bring it along and put your money where its shell is so you can enter to win the big one.

Tokyo will never be the same... rest assured that there'll be turtle sludge and devastation all over the place!


Akasan is pulling out all the stops this time and getting his amazing friends to put on a spectacular show. Think you have heard it all? Not until you see and hear special guests Keith Myers, Djj Sherry Kat and others at Super Happy Tokyo Love. These folks put the “mix” in Intermixi, and can reportedly walk on water and transform into giant dragons on command.

Ladies and gentleman, in a world full of staid nightclubs, conventions, mind-numbing academic panels, and odd cosplay, Intermixi has stepped the game up, re-tooled it, given it a cybernetic heart, and set its controls to “KICK ASS.” Super Happy Tokyo Love promises to be a veritable salute to the pleasure-seeking streak in all of us, and a tribute to all who dare to live, love, dream, and enjoy. Also: hot guys and hotter girls.


Event Details

All ages
$5 at the door
May 8th, 2010 8pm
Royal-T Cafe
8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232-2326
Phone: (310) 559-6300
Free entry if you RSVP! rsvp@intermixi.com

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A Conversation.

I'm trying to write everyday in the hopes that I'll regain some degree of fluidity and panache.


“Have you seen the Maldives boats yet?”
“Nope. You?”
“Yeah, just for a bit.”
“Hmm. Is it true what they say?”
“What's that?”
“That they couldn't buy their way into Hong Kong so they came here?”
“Probably, Hong Kong ain't the cheapest place, and they aren't exactly running out of people. But there were thousands of them on the boats.”
“You mean just sitting there?”
“On the boats, yeah. Won't let 'em off yet.”
“Ha! Can you believe that? 'Sorry your country sunk, here's a 10 billion dollar fleet, good luck.'”
“There but for the grace of God go I, huh?”
“Hope we don't sink. God's fish-tanked people before that, too.”
“Will we become an internet nation if we do?”
“Hell, aren't we already?”
“No, I mean would we live on it?”
“How could you 'live on it?'”
“You know what I mean!”
“Plugged up in a room all day... ugh. It's for catatonics and schizos.”
“... And office workers.”
“Exactly. Somebody somewhere will have to plug that crap in. Mark my words.”
“Is that us?”
“You got any other bright ideas?”
“Heh... 'quick, learn Magma-script!' No thank you, I like seeing the sun every now and again.”
“People got lost, man, we're all lost.”
“Like there's a map?”
“I'm pretty sure it's all just a bunch of parlor tricks. Distractions. Conjured garbage. Where are the mountains these days, anyway?”
“Somewhere I can't see, that's for sure.”
“Exactly. There, but out of our reach.”
“Maybe you can ask the guys from the Maldives if they saw any?”
“What do they speak, anyway? My Maldesian isn't about to win me any prizes.”
“Well what about the rest of the Ainu or the damned Alaskans?”
“Whatever man, like they'd know anymore. Been downtown lately? Those sons-of-bitches are everywhere.”


Google the Maldives. Pretty interesting.
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I live in the past!!!

Hey all. How was your week?

Aside from some of the requisite meltdowns at my job, mine was pretty good. I'm finally putting the touches on my home office and getting back to work on some personal projects that I'm fairly excited about. One I can't tell you about (*boo!*), and one I can (*Yay!*), so let's get into that.

I'm currently working on a series of interviews with Japanese pop culture entertainment execs and talent from all over the country. One of the things I love about talking to these people is that their attitude towards discussing their work is so much more steadfastly positive and exciting than your average actor's or muscian's.

I think this is because they're painfully aware that any interest at all is a good indicator that they could present their product to somebody, which is becoming a rarity these days. We have a pretty high signal-to-noise ratio going with pop culture in our times, and it's easy for things to get lost. Case in point: I've waited years to watch Ergo Proxy, and it's sitting here on my (new) bookshelf, staring at me ready to go, and I've only gotten through two episodes like a doofus.

But I own it, which is nice. ;)

As I've worked on this project I've been able to concretely realize that pop culture is no longer aiming itself at me. I am no longer "the target audience." The fact that I WAS part of this group in any way, shape, or form for any period of time was probably a fluke... after all did Nirvana know they'd be "my band" growing up, or was it just serendipity? How come Evangelion was HUGE and not my beloved Paltabor? To be fair, I dig them both, but in my ideal world Unsane would still be on MTV and I could walk into any Borders and buy the rest of the City Hunter boxed sets that got nuked in last year's flood or lost when I moved back from Tokyo.

(I lose ONE BOX moving home from overseas and it includes musical equipment, several out-of-print dvds, and my effing Japanese flashcards!)

I guess as I've moved from "avid collector" to "pop culture analyst and armchair theoretician", I've come to realize that I can't hope to embrace the whole of the world in an empirical sense. I can only surmise, analyze, and comment upon the things I feel I am best at and hopefully gain an appreciation for other interests in an heuristic manner.

But man, when I look back on things, and considering what a shitty childhood I had in so many respects, at the very least I can look back and say "Appleseed was 10 times cooler than fuckin' K-on!"