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tokyogetter's Journal

1 November
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  • tokyogetter@livejournal.com
  • TokyoGetter
This is the web journal of Tokyo Getter, a custom-order shopping service based out of Tokyo Japan. I will periodically sell left-overs here (cheap stuff!), as well as keep you up to date on TG business dealings/nerd crap. If you are looking for something from Japan, why not write in? We offer low rates, fast service, and the friendliest customer interaction that you could ever hope for. We're the geeks you dreamed of! Tokyogetter at gmail daht calm.

All relevant information is included in most posts, but we must not that if you won't provide an ID with the proper information, we will not sell you R18 books. EVER. Be cool, k?

Shipping information is based off present day exchange rates. Padded envelopes range between 1 dollar for standard size comics (up to about 4 or 5 books) and 3 dollars for bigger books/toys. Sub-express (ie around 7-10 days) shipping is used for all items unless otherwise noted. EMS and tracking/registered shipping is also available.

Holds on books last 3 days, unless I get a deposit. PAYPAL ONLY! I ship internationally, naturally! Friend me if you want in on friends-only sales! REFERRALS GET DISCOUNTS!

Trade day occurs once a month, so keep checking back if you want to trade!